Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sony NEX-FS100 News

Sony NEX-FS100 Dynamic Range Test
Andy Shipsides at Abelcine retests the dynamic range of the NEX-FS100. They'd done it with a pre-production model, but wanted to retest a production model. They found the ISO ratings to be the same, but the production model has slightly improved dynamic range. He also includes his settings for maximizing range:
Here are my settings for each gamma mode to maximize range: Standard Gamma (Knee Point 80% / Slope -1), CineTone1 (Knee Point 90% / Slope +2), CineTone2 (Knee Point 90% / Slope +2), ITU709 (Knee Point 80% / Slope -2).
If you're using this camera you'll want to watch this video.
CineTechnica: Sony NEX-FS100: Dynamic Range Test

Sony NEX-FS100 First Impressions
Peter Prevec in Slovenia just got his NEX-FS100 and immediately attached it to his car; wouldn't you? He offers his initial impressions: definitely is small. But as such totally uncomfortable to work with. We got the camera with the kit lens (Sony 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 Zoom Lens) which is crap in my opinion and we will soon have to switch to prime Canon EF lenses or micro four thirds with accompanying lens adapter. Tthe camera is very back heavy with this kit lens and because the handlebar is positioned to much to the front. Sony NEX-FS100 first impressions

Low Light Comparison
Aaron Nanto posts a low light test (using an interesting light feature) comparing the NEX-FS100 and Canon 5D Mark II.
Vimeo: Sony NEX-FS100 vs. Canon 5D Mark II (low light test)

Disadvantages of DLSRs
The folks at Butchers Hook Productions list all the problems with shooting video on DSLRs, and then finish up with;
In our case, we’ve decided to circumnavigate these issues by ordering the Sony FS100 camera – a great new camera which has the functionalities of a shoulder mount but the lenses and mobility benefits of the DSLR – Win!
ButchersHook: Disadvantages of HD video with a DSLR Camera

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