Friday, October 06, 2006

The Sony love blog

I just noticed that the last three postings in this blog begin 'Sony' and then list a product name. Seems I'm a little Sony obsessed lately.

Okay, so I promise the next post won't be about Sony. Or Blu-Ray.

I'm looking at buying a new tripod and wireless microphone system, so maybe I can write about that...

Sony HVR-DR60

A couple of months back I went to a demo of Sony's XDCAM HD system which was pretty cool; the cameras record to an optical disc. When editing with Final Cut Pro you see the individual clips immediately, and can quickly pick what you want to copy across.

Pretty cool; but at $20,000 for the cameras, not something I am looking at getting soon.

Then about a month ago Sony announced new consumer HD camcorders that will record to DVD and HD. Look interesting, though quality may be compromised by the compression used, and work flow with Final Cut Pro is unknown.

Then Sony announced new pro-sumer HD camcorders (the FX7 and H1U) and a 60GB hard drive that can be used to record content (while at the same time you record to tape.)Very cool, though work flow with Final Cut is unknown.

But the downside; the unit is $1,800. That's just way too much to even consider for me. I guess I'm stuck with tape for the next few years.