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Sony HDR-XR500V First Impressions

I just bought a Sony HDR-XR500V (which is the same as the HDR-XR520V, but with a smaller hard drive.) I’ve been looking to replace a Sony HDR-HC1 (which is an HDV) camera, and this looked like an interesting option. I often shoot multiple camera events, and I’m constantly trying to improve the image quality (without busting the budget!) The HC1 is a good performer, but in lower light situations, it tends to produce a lot of noise and color is poor.   I also recently bought a Canon HF100 as a third camera, and it was really starting to show up the HC1.   A few notes about the XR500: As a semi-pro (by that I mean I’m not shooting holiday snapshots, but I’m not shooting professionally) this camera is not what I’d call a semi-pro camera. In particular, it’s lack of an audio input for using external mics, and manual audio gain control, mean that, as a primary or sole camera it won’t be good for many users. Documentary makers should probably skip it. Those looking for better audio options sh