Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Final Cut Pro X: The Native Are Restless IV

Final Cut Pro X Screen Caps Were Real
It seems that the screen caps posted the last couple of days by user MortGoldman2 on TwitPic were the real thing; they've been taken down and AppleInsider received a cease and desist letter from Ripple Training Inc., the company from whom the screen shots were either stolen or "acquired."
AppleInsider: Cease and desist threats authenticate recent Final Cut Pro X screenshots [u]

What's Next for Final Cut Pro X?
It's not even out yet and people are speculating whether the distribution by App Store will mean that updates will appear more frequently: probably not, thought as has been pointed out, now that they have rewritten it from the ground up, they might now have the time to do small, more frequent updates...

Walter Biscardi, who has already ground down a couple of axes over Final Cut Pro X, has posted:
We're already hearing about the first update to #fcpx to "put back" some of the missing elements.

When Did You Say Final Cut Pro X Would Be Released?
No idea. Though current best guesses are next week...maybe the 21st?

Getting Ready for Lion and Final Cut Pro X
A tutorial on CreativeCOW by David Roth Weiss:
Don't be surprised to discover that transitioning to FCP X and OS X Lion will not happen overnight; the initial software releases of both will undoubtedly have at least a few bugs and kinks that will need to be ironed out. And, there's bound to be a waiting period while new drivers are written for RAID controllers and I/O devices. Of course, since FCP X is a radical departure from the Final Cut Pro we all know, the learning curve for most editors will probably be fairly steep while we familiarize ourselves with the features and figure out how to integrate it into both new and established workflows.
CreativeCOW: GET READY TO RUMBLE: Perfect setup for a seamless transition to FCP X and OS X Lion

Buy ATI for OpenCL
Eric St-Martin explains why ATI cards are the way to go for Lion and Final Cut Pro X:
Earlier this year, I have tested different graphics adapter with the current crop of Final Cut Studio and it turned out ATI came out as the best card for it. Mainly, this is because Open CL implementation is at it’s best in ATI cards.
ubermediahd: ATI will be the Lion King with FCP X

No 'Open Project'?
Mark Stewart-Pearson looked at the posted screenshots, and noted the lack of an Open Project menu option. What could that mean......? He looks to iMovie for some answers.

Philip Hodgetts  - who back on June 5th predicted that Final Cut Pro X would appear on June 21st - talked about this when he recently spoke about Final Cut Pro X at a meeting of the Boston Final Cut Pro User Group:
Philip's "thing" is Meta Data, and he's pleased to see that Final Cut Pro X uses Meta Data. Uses it so much, that it actually replaces some features in the current version of Final Cut; like Bins. It also seems to do away with the idea of Projects, and saves everything in a database. Keywords replace Bins. Tools for adding keywords easily have been added, and content analysis will scan content during ingest, identifying shots with two people, one person etc.
Truelove Tech: No "Open Project" in FCP X
NotesOnVideo: Final Cut Pro X @ the May BOSFCPUG & BOSDLSR Mixer

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