Monday, April 21, 2008

Sony PMW-EX3 - Take 2

It’s hard to get excited about a camera I know I will never buy (okay, maybe not that hard) but I keep finding articles about the Sony PMW-EX3.

The EX3 is a “serious” camera (since it supports interchangeable lenses and costs over $13,000) so we need some serious people to look it over. Alistair Chapman provides a very deep overview of the features, that is in English, even if the navigation isn't! As one obviously favored by Sony, his review might be a little too positive (though it is early days to really evaluate it) but he covers all the ins and outs of the camera.

Michael Perlman does a much briefer hands on at camcorderinfo, while Philip Bloom covers his own exploits using the camera for some testing, and has a video you can watch!

All good fun, though as one forum poster noted; $13,000 seems like a lot when you compare it to offerings from Red One.