Wednesday, November 19, 2008

November 19th

YouTube is all about making money these days. Umm…well, aren’t we all? They are now selling search terms, and movies are coming too, though one “respected Hollywood researcher” seems to think that iTunes will win out over YouTube and Hulu.
"The issue comes down to ad-supported versus the paid model," Adams said. "For ad supported, the question is how many ads can you run and how much money can you generate per viewing? That has to be compared with the money made from rental or movie purchases. The content companies have all their content on iTunes and have shown complete support for the site despite their worries about Apple dominating the market. The studios aren't making the same content available for ad-supported services."

Meanwhile, MySpace has a searchable video widget.

Canon 5D Mark II

Everyone's waiting for these to ship, so there' not a whole lot of news, though one forum post adds some information about how exposure is handled while shooting video.

Found […] how the Canon 5D Mk. II handles exposure during its video recording mode: exposure is auto when recording HD video, and is adjusted by the camera in a particular order which is based on creating as little audible camera noise as possible so as not to affect the sound that's also being recorded.

The AE adjustment order is ISO (gain), followed by shutter speed, followed by aperture.

And talking about waiting for it to ship, Keith Cooper keeps on top of these things; primarily in the UK, but he also seems to have his finger in the US distribution news too.
We're told of a large US Consumer electronics store that has a new Canon DSLR in their inventory. An 'in stock' date is given as the 7th of December. Quantities are not yet listed but are likely to only go to selected ones of their near 1000 stores.

Hmm…sounds like Best Buy to me; who currently lists the previous version 5D, so it seems more than possible they could be planning to sell it. I might have to hang out at Best Buy just in case. The Canon PowerShot S5 turned up at a local Best Buy before Amazon said it was shipping, so you never know!