Friday, June 17, 2011

Final Cut Pro X: The Native Are Restless VI

Storyboarding in Final Cut Pro X
Rumors are that Final Cut Pro X will include storyboarding features (a feature that first appeared in iMovie):

From yfrog: fcpstruth's Photos

Burning Questions
Scott Simmons at The EditBlog has put together a list of burning questions, including the following [with my comments]
  • Will FCPX support XML in and out of the application? [I bet it will]
  • Will 3rd party I/O hardware be supported at launch? [Some]
  • Will 3rd party plug-ins work? [Not unless they are 64-bit]
  • Will there be any tape-based support [No]
  • Will there be a Studio? [probably; Motion and SoundTrack Pro]
ProVideoCoalition: My burning questions about Final Cut Pro X

Larry Jordan
Yesterday I posted a link to FCP guru Larry Jordan saying that Final Cut Pro X would not be ready for professional use on release. Larry subsequently clarrified his remarks, and I added them to that post, but I'll repeat it today for those that missed it.

Larry Jordan has posted to his blog a clarification of his statements back in April.
But I no longer feel, as I once thought, that this is a step backward. Based on what I learned during my conversations with Apple, I believe this release provides us with an opportunity for a large step forward.
However, I don't think he necessarily is recanting the part about perfect dot zero releases, and he's not the only one. I think nearly anyone will warn you that when a complete rewrite of anything comes out, you should only jump in with your eye's wide open: don't immediately start editing a huge project with a time sensitive deadline. That's just common sense; it's not a slight on Apple.
LarryJordan: Wiping Egg Off My Face]

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