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Zacuto USA Announces Z-Finder EVF Electronic Viewfinder for DSLR Cameras

While they had already announced it on the web, Zacuto now has an official press release out on their upcoming EVF Electronic Viewfinder . There's nothing really new here, except that I'm trying to figure out if the sentence that begins " An upgrade path for existing Z-Finder user s..."means that the Z-Finder EVF will use a slightly different Z-Finder optical unit, or does that just mean that they are going to offer existing users some kind of discount?!: Pricing and Availability: Z-Finder EVF has a list price of $775.00. An upgrade path for existing Z-Finder users and a combo-kit (Z-Finder with EVF) will be available at a discounted price (TBD) PRWeb : Zacuto USA Announces the Introduction of the Z-Finder EVF Electronic Viewfinder for DSLR Cameras

Win a V-LCD50-HDMI camera LCD monitor

Marshall Monitors is running one of those annoying Twitter campaigns; follow their Twitter account ( @marshallusa ) and Tweet a message ( I'm going to win a new #Marshall V-LCD50-HDMI 5-inch LCD on-camera / DSLR monitor from @marshallusa ) by November 15th to win. Maximum of one tweet per day per person. One good thing; the competition is open to anyone in the world... Marshall: TWEET TO WIN A NEW 5-INCH V-LCD50-HDMI CAMERA-TOP LCD MONITOR!

News from Here & There

Marshall 5″ V-LCD50-HDMI and Small HD DP6 Jared Abrams at Cinema5D takes a quick look at these two monitors that are designed for HDSLR shooters. The Small HD is a little more expensive, has a few more options you might like, but also uses slightly different peaking and focus assist color highlighting. By they way, here's the optional V-H50 hood for the Marshall 5" HDMI monitor. It's shown on Marshall's site, but not yet available from other sellers (at least I can't find it on B&H ). Cinema5D:   Quick Take: Marshall 5″ V-LCD50-HDMI and Small HD DP6 B & H:   Marshall V-LCD50-HDMI 5" On-Camera Monitor  [$516.35] Marshall Monitors: V-LCD50-HDMI Panasonic AG-AF100 Information Panasonic has announced that the AG-AF100 will be officially available December 27th for $4,995, and confirmed other details: The camcorder is 60Hz and 50Hz switchable, and variable frame rates are available in 1080p, selectable in 20 steps from 12p to 60p at 60Hz and

Matrox Fall 2010 Road Tour

Matrox is conducting a Road Tour: through Massachusetts, Florida, New York, Texas, Philadelphia and Arizona. Massachusetts event is this Monday, October 18th: Join us in Boston at the National Professional Videographers of New England ’s meeting on October 18. The NPVA members are engaged in the full spectrum of videography and post-production work, from wedding and event videography to broadcast, documentary and corporate video production. Date : Monday, October 18, 2010 Time : 6:30pm - 9:30pm Location : Boston-Dedham Holiday Inn, 55 Ariadne Road, Dedham, MA 02026 Tel : 781-329-1000 Matrox : Boston Road Tour NPVA : Independent Video Production Professionals in Massachusetts and New England

Singular Announces Presto and PluralEyes Releases for Sony Vegas

Singular Software has announced two new releases geared specifically toward Sony Vegas users: Singular Software Presto 1.2 and PluralEyes for Sony Vegas public beta. Singular Software Presto 1.2 Singular Software Presto is a new tool to create presentation videos on the Windows platform. The new 1.2 release introduces a slew of enhancements, including extended compatibility for Vegas 8.0, 8.1 and 10.0, adjustment options during playback, "no tracking" regions to disable tracking, several transition updates, new render completion dialog, and more. PluralEyes for Sony Vegas Public Beta Ideal for multi-camera, multi-take, DSLR and dual-system audio production workflows, the award-winning PluralEyes application automates the synchronization of multiple audio and video clips, saving editors countless hours in post-production. The new beta release adds support for Sony Vegas 10.0 and an assortment of other improvements. For more information about Singular Software Presto

Sony NEX-VG10 in the flesh

I finally got to handle an NEX-VG10 yesterday. They had one at the Sony store at the Mall; they said it had only come in that morning. The first thing that surprised me was how stiff the zoom lens is. I was expecting it to be a bit stiff; maybe like the Canon zoom lens I have on my HDDSLR, but it's much worse than that. Really unusable to zoom while shooting. Sure, using the zoom in narrative work is discouraged, but in documentary and other forms you often use a zoom now and again. The next thing to surprise me was how uncomfortable it is to hold by the handle; I seemed to want to put my hand where the back support of the handle was located; which didn't work. Because of this, it just felt awkward to hold. I couldn't judge the camera image much by waving it around in the store, but I wasn't as excited as I thought I would be.

News from Here & There

Canon DSLR Output Signals Thinking of getting a monitor to use with your HDSLR? Then there's something you need to know; they don't output a full HD signal out the HDMI port when you're recording. (who sells monitors) has an article/video explaining what's going on with the different cameras. SmallHD: The TRUTH about Canon DSLR Output Signals Filmmaker Karen Abad EOSHD has an interview with Karen Abad, a filmmaker who has worked with Vimeo and Zacuto. Karen works with a variety of formats including 35mm and 16mm film, as well as DSLRs. EOSHD: An interview with filmmaker Karen Abad Beachtek DXA-5DA review Filmmakeriq has a good review of the Beachtek DXA-5DA , a pre-mixer that adds "professional capabilities" to your HD-DSLR rig. Personally, I have a Beachtek mixer/adaptor that I used to use with a video camera to connect XLR mics to the camera. It was really great, but with that particular camera I could still monitor what the came

Making Media Now 2010: The Changing Media Landscape: How do we keep up?

Making Media Now 2010 is a one day conference in Boston, November 6, 2010. Topics include: Social Media, Typography & Film, Managing your Production in a Digital World, and Distribution Models. Friday, November 5, 2010 Evening cocktail reception & networking at The Microsoft Center, One Memorial Drive, Cambridge Saturday, November 6, 2010 All day conference at Boston University School of Management 595 Commonwealth Ave, Boston Regular Registration (October 8 – 18): General – $165 MPC, WIFV/NE, FC Friend Members – $155 FC Project Members, FC Community Members – $145 Students – $60 FilmmakersCollaborative: Making Media Now 2010

More on the death of HDSLR

Something tells me we are going to get lot of these articles over the next couple of months as the Panasonic AG-AF100 trickles out and gets put through it's paces; does a true video camera with a large sensor kill the video DSLR? Stu Maschwitz at ProLost blog takes his own stab at this, looking at the promise of the AG-AF100; the shallow DOF and a chip that doesn't have the aliasing problems found in current DSLRs. But then he looks at some of the more esoteric issues, and also ponders the comparatively slow lenses that Panasonic seems to plan to offer (slower lenses don't have as large an aperture, so the DOF isn't as shallow with these lenses.) So at long last, here’s the thing about the AF100. It’s the sensible solution. But we might not want to grow up and use it. It’s a compromise. Its sensor is slightly smaller than that of the 7D, which you may recall I also weighed in this sex appeal equation, and determined that it just barely passed. Meanwhile, in this

Singular Software: PluralEyes for Premiere Pro Mac Beta

Singular Software just released DualEyes for Windows , and last month announced a Windows Beta of PluralEyes (the audio synchronization plug-in previously released for Final Cut Pro .) Now they have launched the PluralEyes for Adobe Premiere Pro Creative Suite (CS) versions 4 and 5 for Mac OS X public beta program. PluralEyes analyzes audio information and synchronizes corresponding video clips automatically, saving video editors hours in post-production. PluralEyes eliminates the need for timecode, clappers, or any special production preparation. To download the PluralEyes beta for Adobe Premiere Pro Mac OS X, visit: .

News from Here & There

Is HDSLR Dead? Does the arrival of large sensor video cameras like the Panasonic AG-AF100 mean the end of the HDSLR's days? Frank Glencairn, and a few others seem to think so: Okay, this is it. VDSLR is dead. It was cool, it was fun, it was great but it was also a major pain in the ass. It´s over. Panasonic came out with the AF100 at IBC and then there is Sony and the Scarlet soon. I think is may be a bit too soon to start the funeral procession. For those on a budget cameras like the Canon T2i will remain attractive. For TV and film, I get the feeling that many have been using the HDSLR's more for their small size than because they think they are saving money. I think the AG-AF100 will go after the RED market, and probably the wedding market. Frank Glencairn: VDSLR - R.I.P. HDWarrior: Frank Glencairn talks about the demise of the VDSLR 5 Big Misconceptions About Online Video Under30CEO lists five misconceptions about online video including: “Your video(s) have

Rule Learning Lab: High-Quality External Recording Devices

High-Quality External Recording Devices Wednesday, October 13 10am - 12noon Tom Talbot, Rule's Director of Technology provides a review of external recording devices - Cinedeck, Ki Pro, Nano & Nexto - portable recorders built to simplify the recording, transfer and storage of digital footage. Rule Register by email:

News from Here & There

Tiffen Smoothee The last news on the Steadicam Smoothee , a steadicam for the Flip and iPhone , was in June when they said it would be available Fourth Quarter for under $200. Sam Grobart at the Gadgetwise blog now reports that it will be "available in December and sell for $180." He says it's a little bulky to be carried around by the casual user, but the result is scarily, Kubrickily smooth. No site - including Amazon - is yet listing the device. Amazon does carry the Manfrotto 585 ModoSteady 3-in-1 Camera/Camcorder Stabilizer and Support System  which is only $89.90, but it seems to get pretty average to poor reviews. Gadgetwise : A Steadicam for Your iPhone F Stop Watch This is one cool watch, and it's only $35.95. Neatoshop : F Stop Watch Panasonic 3D Consumer HDC-SDT750 Philip Johnson at HDWarrior continues to love the Panasonic HDC-SDT750 consumer 3D video camera . In his latest update he talks about using it for shooting at a wedding; p

Today is: One Day On Earth

On October 10, 2010 (10.10.10), across the planet, documentary filmmakers, students, and inspired citizens will record the human experience over a 24-hour period and contribute their voice to the largest participatory media event in history. Founded in 2008, ONE DAY ON EARTH is creating an online community, shared archive, and film. Together, we will showcase the amazing diversity, conflict, tragedy, and triumph that occur in one day. We invite you to join our international community of thousands of filmmakers, hundreds of schools, and dozens of non-profits, and contribute to this unique global mosaic. Through the One Day on Earth platform, we will establish a community that not only watches, but participates. One Day On Earth One Day on Earth Participant Trailer from One Day On Earth on Vimeo .