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Self-Curation vs. Self-Filtering

I'm at the MIT Hacker Arts event, and there's been several presenters who have used the term self-curation for letting users choose (and be presented with) only the stuff they are interested in. But that's not curation, that's filtering. To me, Curation suggests going out and finding things that are linked together and presented to present a theme or message. It doesn't mean just picking things you like. Using curation to mean seeing only the things you like is a cheapening of the word.

The First Assistant Editor – Julian Smirke

Julian Smirke , First Assistant Editor on Star Trek Into Darkness was the guest at last night’s Boston Creative Pro User Group . He talked about being a first assistant editor, the process of editing a movie, and how scenes are developed. He also showed example clips from the movie. The following are my notes from the meeting: Julian opens with “I'm a first assistant editor, most of you are probably wondering what that means.” As an assistant editor, his task was primarily to assist one of the two film editors, Maryann Brandon. “It's a constant learning experience learning how to shape a performance, shape a story.” He shows a picture of his workspace at Bad Robot; he likes to work standing up at an elevated desk, though he also has a high chair to sit on for breaks. They worked on Avid Media Composer - he said most large Hollywood movies edit on Avid. “There was a period of time five or six years ago when there was a push to Final Cut, and they both have pluses a

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Taking The Movies Out of The Movies | proLost I wasn't a fan of The Hobbit, but I thought that was because I felt like I'd already seen the movie. Evidently, other's didn't like it because of the high frame-rates? So apparently, what we’d be “fools if we didn’t learn from The Hobbit” is that we can charge more money for stuff people don’t actually like. 10 Tips for Building Your Video Production or Editing Business on Twitter | PremiumBeat Having a clear plan.  Build a crowd of followers who might like a product when it’s launched.  Build a network of other professionals in your city.  Have an online presence with the goal of ‘industry recognition’ and ‘brand awareness’.  All of these are valid reasons to use Twitter.  Without a targeted goal you are aimless. Canon EOS C300 Digital Cinema Camera Provides Artistic Liberty for Shooting Commercials | Broadcast Engineering “The latitude test was shot on a backlit-latitude chart. I had 13 shots of detail. We

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"More and more, I want to do less and less with the camera. Sometimes, well, we do too much." - Roger Deakins, ASC, BSC (American Cinematographer Oct. '13) Why We're Shutting Off Our Comments | Popular Science It would appear that comments are making us dumber - of course, anyone who's used YouTube could tell you that: In the civil group, those who initially did or did not support the technology — whom we identified with preliminary survey questions — continued to feel the same way after reading the comments. Those exposed to rude comments, however, ended up with a much more polarized understanding of the risks connected with the technology. Simply including an ad hominem attack in a reader comment was enough to make study participants think the downside of the reported technology was greater than they'd previously thought. The Illusion of Choice | MovieScope Why more isn't necessarily better: This all sounds like great news for the consumer

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Feedback using the BMPCC on a professional shoot | Olly P | EOSHD Forum Detailed user post on the new Pocket camera expresses some reservations for Pro work: For professional use, the fact you cant see how much recording time you have left or even format a card is a completely ludicrous omission and causes issues. Issues that take more time, more work, more stress, more stuff you shouldn't have to deal with in a camera. Blackmagic need to sort this out, it cant be difficult.  Blackmagic Cinema Camera Post Work-Flow | Brian Hallett | ProVideoCoalition Sub-titled: "How to process 2.5K when you have a crap computer" My computer is a 2011 MacBook Pro.  It was the first to have Thunderbolt.  4 GB of ram.  2.0 quad core.  It easily runs Avid Media composer, Motion, and just enough GPU to run Resolve.  When I say “just enough” the software plays the 2.5K at the blazing speed of 1 fps.  Not exactly the editing powerhouse, but it gets the job done... it just takes a bit

Come Fly With Me - the DJI Phantom Quadcopter

I have to admit, I've wanted to get a quadcopter and fly a video camera for the last couple of years, but the cost - and the thought that I'd probably make a mess of it and just waste the money - caused me to hold back. A couple of weeks ago they went and dropped the price of the DJI Phantom by $200 , and when a friend said they were going to get one, well, I had to jump on it. Adding the prop-guard (an optional accessory) First things first, the box says "ready to fly" and yes, you don't have to do a lot of construction, but we did find that there was no manual in the box, and there's some confusing bits and pieces you have to do before starting. Even attaching the battery to the charger was a little more complicated than expected; partly because there's two attachment cables, and one of the connections was very tight! When you go to the website there's a bunch of manuals and instruction videos, and it's a bit overwhelming. Where are you