Thursday, June 16, 2011

Final Cut Pro X: The Native Are Restless V

Larry Jordan says that Final Cut Pro X won't be ready for prime time
This statement from Final Cut Pro guru Larry Jordan at the Los Angeles Final Cut Pro User Group meeting [in April] that Final Cut Pro X will not be ready for professional use has caused some consternation:
I guarantee you that on day one, when the release ships, it will not be ready for professional use. Apple has a very poor track record of perfect dot zero releases.
I suspect Larry is no longer on Steve Job's Christmas card list.

Before this, he also says that maybe Final Cut Pro X is iMovie on steroids, or maybe it will be the greatest thing yet; we just don't know. You can see videos of Larry speaking at the event here: FCPX 1.0 "It will not be ready for professional use" says Larry Jordan

[UPDATE 4:30PM Larry Jordan has posted to his blog a clarification of his statements back in April.
But I no longer feel, as I once thought, that this is a step backward. Based on what I learned during my conversations with Apple, I believe this release provides us with an opportunity for a large step forward.
However, I don't think he necessarily is recanting the part about perfect dot zero releases, and he's not the only one. I think nearly anyone will warn you that when a complete rewrite of anything comes out, you should only jump in with your eye's wide open: don't immediately start editing a huge project with a time sensitive deadline. That's just common sense; it's not a slight on Apple.
LarryJordan: Wiping Egg Off My Face]

Users Shocked To Find Out That Final Cut Pro X Is 64-bit
After months - years - of asking for Apple to turn Final Cut Pro X into a 64-bit application, some people were shocked at the LAFCPUG meeting to discover that this means it will not support 32-bit plug-ins. - You're going to have to upgrade!
LockerzPhilip Hodgetts schools us on what we don't know about #FCPX at @lafcpug.
NOTE: This was previously mentioned by Phil Hodgetts at the BOSFCPUG meeting.
NotesOnVideo: Final Cut Pro X @ the May BOSFCPUG & BOSDLSR Mixer

Second Thoughts About Final Cut Pro? How About Avid Media Composer
If you're a Final Cut Pro user thinking of making the move to Media Composer, today or tomorrow might be the day to do it as you can still get it for $995 (if you have Final Cut already.) Offers ends June 17th.
Avid: Got Final Cut? Get Media Composer for Just $995 USD

Steve Martin of Ripple Training To Talk Final Cut Pro X In Boston
Daniel Bérubé says that Steve Martin of Ripple Training will come to Boston in July for a big Final Cut Pro event and workshop. No firm details yet.

Cinema5D Final Cut Pro X News Roundup
Cinema5D has collected together a summary of information about Final Cut Pro X too: Final Cut Pro X (FCPX) “will not be ready for professional use” says Larry Jordan-and other FCPX info

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Clarified that Larry's Jordan's comments were from a meeting in April, and added link to his statement about it.]


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