Showing posts from July 30, 2006

Blu-ray speculation

Looks like others are speculating about Apple adding Blu-ray support. I'm still excited about this, but I'm thinking that Apple probably won't release support until the new year.

DVD Duplication

I've been making copies of DVD's the last few days, and it's a slow and tedious process. It takes about 20 minutes to duplicate the DVD (which is about 3/4 full, I think.) The problem is that I wander off to do something else so I have to keep remembering to come back and switch the discs. So I saw this thing; the Pico DVD/CD Duplicator - it's a low cost DVD/CD duplicator that has a little robot arm to load and unload the discs. The amazing part is that it's under $1,000; $699 to be exact. I guess the downside is that it doesn't print the labels; which also takes a lot of time. Hmm..maybe I should just get them mass produced; but it's not really cost effective when you want less than 100 discs.

Canon HD

Canon has announced a nice little HD Camcorder, the HV 20 which feature a 1/2.7-inch CMOS that captures 2,048 x 1,536 stills, 10x optical zoom, opticial stabilization, a 2.7-inch LCD display, and miniSD slot for storing photos. If I wasn't salivating over Sony's recent disk-based camera announcement, I might want to get one!