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Pitching Scripts: at Harvard Square Script Writers

Dearly beloved scriptwriters, we're gathered together in this church in Harvard Square to pitch scripts. It's the Harvard Square Script Writer Group's Pitching It Workshop. The Harvard Square Script Writers group has been going for some years. It’s meetings are held in a Lutheran church just a short hop from Harvard Square. Usually they meet and go over a script from one of the participants, but every now and again they have a meeting on more general topics. Tonight they have four people from the industry talking about the art of pitching, and then about 16 people will each get a chance to do a five minute pitch to one of the speakers. I've never pitched. I won't be pitching tonight. I'm here to observe because I'm curious about pitching. It's not something I think I could do well, even if I tried. It's too close to selling, and I'm not good at that either. There’s about 40 people present, including panelists. The crowd is mostly mi