Sunday, June 12, 2011

Final Cut Pro X: The Natives Are Restless II

Mort Goldman has posted several pictures on Twitpic of color grading in Final Cut Pro X. Who know how long these will stay up...
Twitpic: Mort Goldman]

The End of Color?
The last couple of days have seen renewed speculation that Color is gone, primarily because of reports that the Apple Color community was removed from Apple's site... [UPDATE: Now it appears to be back]

...except that Patrick Inhofer reports that the Motion community was removed too, and we *think* that Motion will be upgraded. So that could mean nothing.

On the other hand, when Philip Hodgetts gave his prediction of what would be upgraded, he thought that Motion, Compressor and SoundTrack Pro were definite upgrades, DVD Studio Pro would be killed, and he wasn't sure about Color.

Aaron Robinson posts his defense of Color:
For a long time now I've been excited for the next installment of Color.  It offers far more control than any integration with Final Cut Pro ever can.  As an individualized application, not only does it free the color grader to master his craft with this app, but if creates a seamless post workflow ( I think) at an affordable price
aarontrobinsonApple Color is Gone?!

20% off at Target
You can buy iTunes gift cards for 20% off at Target this weekend. I already bought some cards at Best Buy for 15% off, but you can still save...

MacVideo Expo: Preparing for Final Cut Pro X (part 1)
A video of Rick Young talking about getting ready for Final Cut Pro X from the MacVideo ExpoMacVideo Expo: Preparing for Final Cut Pro X (part 1)

The latest on dates
Seriously? So far I've heard: 9th, 14th, 21st, and someone just posted they had heard that it would be the 23rd. It will be June. It will be before Lion. Beyond that, I don't know.

The waiting continues....

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