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Comparing the Cinema Camera & 5D Mk III | OneRiver Media | Vimeo This video compares the Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera and the Canon 5D Mark III in several tests. This includes dynamic range, sharpness, pushing levels, banding, artifacts, rolling shutter, chromakeying, wide/telephoto lengths, DOF (depth of field), low light, macro blocking, contrast, and more. Test footage from the pre-release Panasonic GH3 at Photokina | Andrew Reid | ESOHD But I will say that the GH3 has an extraordinary codec, is a step forwards from the GH2 in every way. The only concern I have is for the stability of very fine textures – the GH2 remains unique for being so clean in the way it scales the full sensor from 18MP to 1080p in video mode. What is the tonic? I feel it is needed again here. New lenses Ahoy! - Matt Allard looks at the latest offerings | Matt Allard | DSLR News Shooter Matt looks at several lenses, including the Samyang/Rokinon Cine lenses: The 24mm and the 35mm offer

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Interview with Yoshiyuki Inoue, Senior Engineering Planner for the Panasonic GH3 | Andrew Reid | EOSHD Interesting interview about the Panasonic GH3 , though there's a lot he can't say (like who makes the sensor!) EOSHD : Are you aware of the hack for the GH2, the hack project? Inoue : Ah yes! EOSHD : How much of an influence was it for higher bitrates in the GH3? Inoue : The reason we didn’t build on the high bitrate movie mode (officially), were internal Panasonic regulations for heat dispersion. Otherwise we could have had problems, we could not guarantee it. Exclusive – Canon confirm 1D C 4K DSLR is identical hardware to a 1D X | Andrew Reid | EOSHD Interestingly depressing news if this is true; they charge twice the price for slightly different firmware? Then again, look at the price of Canon's video cameras... Canon wanted to make a distinction in price because they believe (rightly) that Hollywood and many many pro filmmakers would be more than willing to

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Vimeo: Tip Jar and Pay-to-view! | Vincent Laforet | Blog Vimeo has added a way to tip film makers... First is Vimeo’s Tip Jar which enables us to crowdsource funds to support future work. I’m a big fan of this! Viewers will be invited to give tips before, during or after watching a video. And Vimeo will give 85% of that money straight to the creator – which is more than reasonable. And you can start doing this TODAY if you’re a Vimeo Plus or Vimeo Pro member by simply activating the feature. Introducing Vimeo Tip Jar and more Creator Services from Vimeo Staff on Vimeo . Panasonic GH3 hands-on report | Andrew Reid | EOSHD There’s very minor moire and aliasing present in this early hardware. Whilst the GH2 rendered sloping horizontals and fine patterns extremely cleanly with no shimmering, the GH3 I used had a touch of aliasing and in some cases even a bit of moire on a stripy shirt viewed from a distance. VERY minor, but like the OM-D E-M5 it was there, at this early st

Sony PMW-200, 160/150 & 100 Webchat

Sony Europe and US held two webchats last week on the new PMW cameras; the PMW-100 , PMW-160 and PMW-200 . As I did for the NEX-EA50 chat from last week, I have edited the chat to put the answers next to the questions and cleaned up some of the text.  Note that the PMW-150 is a European camcorder, in the USA this is the PMW-160 camcorder. Q: What is the main differences between the PMW-100 and the PMW-150? Do you have the exact size in mm of the sensor for both? Dave Stannard:  The initial difference is that the PMW-150 is a 3 chip 1/3" camcorder, however the PMW-150 also has a 20x wide angle zoom lens. The PMW-100 is a single chip 1/3" camcorder and has 1 lens ring with assignable control. Kanta:  PMW-100 is a single chip camcorder and PMW-150 has three chips. Both are using 1/3 inch. Sebastian: One main difference is that the PMW-100 is using a single 1/2.9" CMOS sensor and the PMW-150 is a 3 CMOS 1/3" camcorder. Then you have a 10x Zoom lens with on

Still Camera Stuff

It was the first day of Photokina yesterday, so it seems appropriate to cover all - or some - of the still camera news. Mixed Feelings About The 6D I really don't know what to think about the Canon  6D . As I feared, the 6D turned out to be - on the video side of things - very average. No great step forward in features or quality, and in one regard, a step backwards (no headphone jack.) It is smaller and lighter, and has built-in WiFi, but I don't think that would get me to buy it. It's described as their lowest-prcied full-frame camera, but you can buy a new 5D Mark II right now for less than the list price of the 6D, so it's hardly breaking new ground. And on the video side of things, Canon really seems to be only going through the motions, leaving it to the video side of the company with the C100 , C300 et al. No headphone jack, no higher quality compression, no uncompressed video out through HDMI? Panasonic and Nikon could steal me away; it's only the

An exciting couple of weeks in Boston

Today Panasonic will announce the GH3 , and Canon will announce the 6D . But that's not what's really exciting; there's a great series of events going on over the next two weeks here in Beantown: September 19 :  Social Media Tools for Today's Image Makers at Rule Boston : 10 AM - 12 NOON Photographer, filmmaker and creative director Greg Hren shares his thoughts and experiences on the use of the blog and behind-the-scenes videos as poignant tools in today’s powerful social media landscape. September 19 :  MPC Meeting – OBERON in Harvard Square : 6:00 – 9:00 PM We are delighted to announce the Fall MPC Meeting will be on September 19th at OBERON in Harvard Square. Welcome your friends and colleagues back for the Fall with a great night of cocktails, presentations, and networking. September 20 :  The State of Tax Incentives : 6:00 – 9:00 PM Join us for an expert panel discussion where we examine film & TV production tax incentives in the region, and give

Photokina is coming

IBC has been and gone, and here comes Photokina with possibly more goodies. Of course, this show isn't focused on video, but with most  still cameras blurring the line, we'll probably see at least a couple of interesting announcements. If we don't already know what they will be... Panasonic will announce the GH3 . Francis Ford Coppola's favorite camera gets a serious upgrade, adding a video bitrate of 50Mbps (72Mbps ALL-I). Now that's serious.   Panasonic GH3 presentation video [UPDATE: PRICE $1299.99 samys] from van gogh on Vimeo . In what must be one of the poorest kept secrets, Philip Bloom has already posted a video - and written in the abstract - about the camera:  New short film “Genesis” shot on pre-production new “G” camera from Panasonic…more on Monday! It's good to see that Panasonic has finally made another stop forward on the video side of things. Now what about upgrading the AG-AF100 ? Canon Meanwhile, Canon is expected to announ