Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Final Cut Pro X: The Natives Are Restless III

[UPDATE 2 1:00PM:
Final Cut Pro X Next Week?
The 21st? The 23rd? Who knows, but MacRumors reports that a Japanease blog reports.....
Macrumors: Final Cut Pro X and Third-Party Thunderbolt Peripherals Coming Next Week?

UPDATE 1: The PremiumBeat blog has put together a list of 10 Noteworthy videos and posts about Final Cut Pro X10 Noteworthy Final Cut Pro X Related Videos and Posts – What We Know & What to Expect ]

There's little news today; and it doesn't appear that Final Cut Pro X will be released today either, as some had been speculating.

More images have been posted by MortGoldman2 on TwitPic, including some interesting export, import and share menus:

The Share menu seems to confirm that Compressor still exists.

It also seems pretty clear - and had been speculated about before - that capture from tape is gone. Is there no Export to XML or OMF? THere's noises that there aren't, though we haven't seen all the export options - yet!

Looking for more Final Cut Pro X images on Twitpic? Try this search: TwitPic #fcpx

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