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Mad Skills

It started off with a short article about Sony’s new tiny, AVCHD camcorder the HDR-TG1 . I saw a mention of it on Engadget, and Camcorderinfo had this longer article that I went to check out. The camera is built in the pistol-grip style; it’s very small and supports 1080i. The HDR-TG1 looks cool, even if it does record to Memory Stick, a format I have so far been able to avoid. Not that I have anything specifically against Memory Stick other than the fact that I already have about 20 GB of Compact Flash and SD cards. I was checking it out –not really serious about getting one- when I saw an ad for the Manfrotto MODOSTEADY . This is a shoulder support/counterbalancing stabilizer/table tripod all-in-one! I’m always interested in ways to improve the stabilization/carrying of camcorders, and Manfrotto makes good stuff; even if it is often expensive. A look at B and H Photo’s website revealed just three reviews. Two were basically positive: This is a nice versatile product. Works as a shou