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Sony NXCAM appears in video

Anyone speak German? Here's a YouTube video of Sebastian Leske , a Product Manager for Sony, showing off the NXCAM prototype. But it's all in German. A video in English from DigInfonews on the NXCAM . Nothing particularly new here, but it was shot at Inter BEE 2009. [UPDATE: This video has been removed from YouTube, but can be found on the site . And if you speak Japanese, there's a second video from the Sony booth at Inter BEE showing people playing with the prototype NXCAM camera.

Overheard in the Control Room

Overheard in the Control Room is a Facebook group where people post things heard in television control rooms. Some of them are quite funny! "Didn't we tell you that you couldn't wear green because of the chroma key?" "But this is LIME green!" It was the night that the producer of the James Bond movies, Albert Broccoli, died. The producer ordered a graphic of Broccoli but guess what, it was the vegetable broccoli. The graphic dissolved into an OTS over the anchor's shoulder and the entire studio and control room dissolved in hysterics Working an NFL game the director says to a camera op..."Giving me nothing would be a great improvement over the cr$% you are giving me" Director: " Give me a closeup of the whole group" Back before the days of non-linear editing, an editor friend of mine told me how he once had a client who spent hours analog editing a TV commercial with him and when they were done, the client said, "OK,

EU Duty to go up on camcorders

Tonklemoose , the Twitter account for, would like to remind all those of the European persuasion that the EU duty on camcorders will increase by 1.5% (to 14%) on February 1st, 2010. The interesting thing about the EU tax on camcorders (for those outside the EU) is that it is the reason Canon restricts their 7D and 5D Mark II to 29:59 minutes of recording maximum, in Standard Definition mode. With that limitation, the cameras are not classified as camcorders, and don't get hit with the duty.

VholdR 3300 Waterproof Case

I see that the waterproof case for the ContourHD camera is now available on Amazon....but with an expected ship date of 1 to 2 months! They also list the price at $45.84, though VholdR's own website says the list price is $39.99. (I've seen this happen before with items listed above expected price on Amazon's site prior to them actually becoming available, so hopefully things will get sorted out in the next few days/weeks.) No sign of the Handle Bar Mount yet.