Thursday, February 03, 2011

Sony PMW-F3 News

Sony has evidently told one UK store that the first UK deliveries are scheduled for 11th February.

Commercial shot with PMW-F3 has a short write-up on what may be the first commercial shot with the PMW-F3.  DP Donny Duncan had been going to shoot the commercial with a Canon 5D, but after seeing the PMW-F3 at a pre-release event, managed to persuade Sony - as well as the client - to let him shoot it with the pre-production PMW-F3. F3 on Vodafone TVC

Zacuto Rigs
Zacuto has customized a couple of rigs for the PMW-F3:
"I'm very impressed with this camera and its extreme low noise, robust construction, on-board XLR audio jacks and all of the right outputs. It all makes this an extremely powerful cinema camera." - Steve Weiss, Product Designer and Director
ZacutoSony F3 – Zacuto’s First Look Video

PMW-F3 Accessories List
AbelCineTech has put together a list of accessories for the PMW-F3, including: Lens Adaptors, Lenses, Follow Focus and Shoulder Rigs.

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