Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Lightworks Blog: Post 2

Editor Tariq Anwar has received three award nominations; the ACE (American Cinema Editors) Eddie, BAFTA (The British Academy of Film and Television Arts) and Academy Awards for his work on the film "The King's Speech."

Turns out he edited it using Lightworks.

There's an interview with Tariq at the Lightworks website where he talks about how he got his start, editing, and Lightworks.
The most enjoyable thing for me is in the shaping of a film after the assembly stage. It’s amazing how malleable it is during the editing process, and then to make the material work in a way that wasn’t intended - either by luck or by judgment - is very exciting.

Also I love editing with a full FX track and temp music. Finding the right score and the appropriate place to use it is a great part of the picture cutting process.
LightworksbetaIn the spotlight: Tariq Anwar

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