Thursday, February 03, 2011

Movie News

The Future for Projection is 4K
We haven't really gotten to 4K in video recording yet, but Sony wants you to know that 4K projection is here. They have a white paper on Why 4K?, and a list of theaters that have already installed their 4K digital projectors.
Even though the limitations of 2K are visible from a distance of 1.5 PictureHeights, there still must be some distance at which 2K projection "satisfies"viewers by providing a visibly seamless picture. At this threshold distance,4K no longer delivers an advantage. At the relaxed reference of 44pixels per degree, the threshold distance is 2.30 times the Picture Height.Viewers sitting closer than 2.30 Picture Heights can see a benefit to 4K.Viewers sitting farther than 2.30 Picture Heights will see no benefit.
SonyDoes 4K really make a difference? [PDF] whitepaper
Sony: Theaters with Sony Digital Cinema 4K

DP/30 Interviews "True Grit" Cinematographer Roger Deakins
I have to emotionally connect with a script or find the characters interesting or the situation interesting otherwise...I don't see how you can do your job as a cinematographer if you can't be passionate about the content of the film you're working on.

I think there's a tendency to confuse technique with content. I always remember when I used to do rock videos and I shot Muddy Waters and BB King one night, and the Director said "Well what are we gonna do?" and I said "I'm going to stay there on a 50mm and shoot him." I said, "You don't want to move, I mean why move the camera? That's the most exctiing thing you could watch is that performance, you don't want to get between the audience and that performance" and that's always been my philosopy of cinematography and when sometimes I see cameras doing these amazingly elaborate things, I thikn; "well why?"

He thinks the next Coen Brothers film will be shot on digital.'s up to the guys, but I'm feeling that way...because it gives me more than I can get with film. It's not because I can do it digitally, and it's not because it's easier, it's because it gives me more options. It's a bigger palette, really than I can get with film. [...]
I like this [digital] camera I'm using, it's fast, it's very small, it's very light, it's very quick. I can see the image that I'm photographing, I can play it back, I can see the shot we've got in a full resolution, and I can sleep at night not worrying about where the lab report is the next day, which is quite a big thing really.

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