Friday, February 04, 2011

Camera News

Sony PMW-F3
The first Sony PMW-FF3 cameras have reportedly arrived in the US for QA and will ship soon.

Delay for Canon EOS to Micro 4/3 adaptor
FreshDV reports that the $700 adaptor that Birger Engineering is developing that will provide electronic aperture control of Canon EOS lenses on the AG-AF100 has been delayed. It was to ship in mid-February, but it is now expected at NAB in March.

The article also talks about manual solutions for aperture control with EOS lenses.
FreshDVBirger Canon mount for AF100 delayed till NAB

Helmet Cam
StillMotionBlog explains the construction of a helmet cam used to shoot an athlete's point-of-view for an open to an upcoming NFL event. They ended up using a skate helmet, a Canon T2i, a 15mm fisheye lens and a wireless transmitter.
StillMotionBlog: Constructing the Helmet Cam

DIY DSLR Adjustable Shoulder Rig
The DVRebellion has posted a video on how to make a DIY shoulder rig for a DSLR. It cost ~$80, and they list all the parts that are needed. Note the warning that you need a drill press for best results!
VimeoDIY DSLR Adjustable Shoulder Rig

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