Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hollywood News

Oscar Picks Distributed on iTunes
The Los Angeles Times reports that studios have increasingly been using iTunes and other DRM online methods of distribution to let Oscar voters see movies. In the past, DVDs were sent out, but these often fell into the hands of pirates.

Sure, DRM can still be broken, but the studio's think that the lack of physical media and simple gate-keeping is likely to prevent unintentional distribution:
In cases where discs get pirated, the actual uploading is typically done by someone several steps removed from the recipient, often without that person's knowledge, according to studio executives and law enforcement officials.  
LosAngelesTimesStudios seek to cap piracy threat from thousands of DVDs sent to awards voters every year

Mark Zuckerberg On SNL
Mark Zuckerberg made an appearance on Saturday Night Live during Jesse Eisenberg's opening monologue. The bit played up Eisenberg's playing Zuckerberg in The Social Network, and Zuckerberg's assumed dislike for the movie.

When I saw it, my first thought was that Zuckerberg's PR people were finally earning their money, but an article by Bobbie Johnson published two weeks ago suggests that maybe they'd seen the positive in The Social Network much earlier.
SNL: Jesse Eisenberg Monologue
GigaomGolden Globes’ Facebook Lovefest: How Zuckerberg Used Hollywood’s Halo

Bigger, Faster Movies
Having killed off 3D movies [hardly! -Ed] Roger Ebert clearly thinks he needs to replace it with something, so here comes MaxiVision; movies with higher resolution, brighter images, and higher frame rates.
ChciagoSunTimesAfter 3D, here is the future of film

Danfung Dennis Wins Cinematography Award with Documentary Shot with 5DmkII
Danfung Dennis won the World Cinema Cinematography Award for Documentary Filmmaking at the Sundance festival awards with his film “Hell and Back Again.” The movie was shot on the Canon 5DmkII and follows the story of a Marine fighting in the Afghan war and his subsequent rehabilitation.
DSLRNewsShooterDanfung Dennis Scoops Sundance World Cinema Grand Jury Award

It seems most if not all the films shot on DSLRs that got serious recognition at Sundance were shot on the #7D. Not the 5D.

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