Friday, April 15, 2011

Sony NEX-FS100 Presentation - Juan Matrinez

Sony Product manager Juan Matrinez gives a presentation about the Sony NEX-FS100. Opening the talk by emphasizing shallow depth-of-field, which is a little ironic given the relatively slow kit lens and lack of ND filters on the camera.

"35mm optics have a less rigorous specification than a smaller sensor. If you have a 2/3 inch sensor, in order to achieve 1080P resolution you need to have 100 line pairs per mm, whereas if you have a Super 35mm sensor, as we do in this camera, you only need 41, less than half."

Comparing the NEX-FS100 to a DSLR
"We're grossly oversampling for HD, and we're not allowed to say the specification of the sensor, but I can say that we are grossly over-sampling high definition"

35mm Film Gate Sizes

Comparing the NEX-FS100 sensor to typical DSLR sensor

Though the slides refer to the Canon 5D Mark II, Juan did point out that the same applies when comparing the NEX-FS100 to Sony's Alpha DSLRs

NEX-FS100 sensor compared to Micro Four-Thirds sensor (center) and the cropped area of the Micro Four-Thirds sensor when producing a 16:9 image

Flange Back Distance

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