Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Quick Links from NAB

Warp Stabilizer Effect in After Effects CS5.5, A short demo video from Richard Harrington  showing the results of using the Warp Stabilizer to remove Rolling Shutter and stabilizing image: Vimeo: Untitled

Sound Devices: PIX Production Recorders The portable PIX 220 (HDMI-only) and its sibling the PIX 240 (HDMI and HD-SDI) record Quicktime files to CompactFlash cards or removable 2.5-inch solid-state hard drives. PIX Production Recorders

Sony PMW-F3 News
Sony has confirmed that a future free firmware update for PMW-F3 will support HDMI output and HD-SDI output at the same time.

DSLR News Shooter has pictures of a prototype 18-252mm lens for the F3, as well as an LCD loupe (which looks sort of similar to the one that will be coming on with the NEX-FS100.
Sony shows off prototype zooms lens and viewfinder add on for the F3

Sony NEX-FS100 Demo 
ProVideoCoalition has a video with Sony’s Juan Martinez showing off the new camera. Most interesting of all, he also shows a Birger Engineering Canon EF to E-mount adapter in operation on an NEX-FS100. Birger has been developing a similar adapter for the Panasonic AG-AF100 (and the Micro-Four Thirds mount.) It's taken a bit longer than expected to actually get them into production, but here's hoping they are close. Price of the Micro Four Thirds adapter was quoted as being abut $700.
ProVideoCoalitionSony’s Juan Martinez shows off the NEX-FS100 AVCHD

Meanwhile, Magnanimous Media has a 3 minute clip of a Sony guy at NAB talking up the Sony NEX-FS100. It's a quick listing of the features, though he states that is does 4:4:4 out, which is not true. It can do 4:2:2 out HDMI. Vimeo: NAB 2011 - Sony NEX-FS100 Introduction

Birger EOS Mount: Dan Chung at DSLR News Shooter has video of the Birger EOS to E-mount adapter as well. Erik Widding of Birger Engineering demonstrates the latest working prototype of his Canon EOS to Micro 4/3 and Sony NEX adapters. Says it will start shipping at the end of May.

Birger Follow Focus: Photo by Scott Webster

Everything announced at NAB will not be available until summer. Why not just make NAB in summer when everything is ready?

Software Scopes for Mac
Divergent Media is showing ScopeBox 3, software-based scopes for editing. They are dropping the price from $700 (original release) to $99.
ProVideoCaolation: ScopeBox 3 delivers software scopes for Mac for only $99

Red Giant NAB Sale
Every item in the Red Giant store is 20% OFF (Or 30% through Facebook) this week. This includes plug-ins, already-discounted suites, and our incredible Guru Preset Packs.
RedGiant: NAB Sale is on! Save 20% (Or 30% through Facebook)!

SmallHD 4" monitor + Viewfinder
SmallHD has announced a 4" monitor ($549) that will have an add-on viewfinder option, turning it into an EVF for $749.

Not the year of DSLR?
Last year's NAB was widely reported as "the year of the DSLR." This year, not so much. With nothing new from Canon (or Nikon or Panasonic), the attention seems to be on the large sensor video cameras; the Panasonic AG-AF100 and the Sony PMW-F3, NEX-FS100, and of course, the new F65.

Let's face it, though Canon has announced new cameras in the past year, the video capabilities of their DSLR's haven't improved at all since 2009.

This may be the year of EVF's, and there is lots of gear that works with DSLRs, but there's little excitement about the camera's themselves.

NAB tinged with sadness, DSLRs aren't dead, but the buzz most definitely is, all feels a little hundrum around the booths

There isn't a camera on earth I am as excited about as a DSLR. Plainly because DSLRs are the only ones I can afford!!

Its NAB! People not "Little Handheld HDSLR Cameras Show" why would ANYONE be surprised there was no 5DMK3 announced? B = Broadcasters!

Pictures from the exhibition
This image of a Sony NEX-VG10 on some kind of dolly makes it look like it's going roller blading. It appears in Sony's Facebook picture library (along with several other pictures): NEX-VG10

Pictures from the Zeiss booth on Facebook (it's almost like being there!) :Shows / NAB 2011 / Day 1

"I learned to make rubbish movies cheaply and quicly in my back yard..and then I enrolled in film school and learned how to make rubbish movies slowly and expensively."
-Filmmaker Gareth Edwards (Monsters)

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