Friday, April 15, 2011

NAB wrap up

NAB is done, and I'm still trying to dig out from underneath the avalanche of stuff...

The Most Intriguing Thing At The Show?
Was the Blackmagic HyperDeck Shuttle the coolest item unveiled at the show? I'm not sure; I'm not even sure that I completely understand what it is...have they really come out with something that essentially does what devices like the $2,000 AJA Key Pro Mini and the $995 Atomos Ninja do for under $400? Admittedly, it lacks the LCD and some of the format conversion options of those digital recorders, but it does record 4:2:2 from HDMI or HD-SDI to ProRes on SSD, all for $345. Seems like the perfect "budget" recording device to use with DSLRs.

Cinema5D: NAB 2011 -Death of HDSLR part 1: Uncompressed recorder for $345
Blackmagic: HyperDeck Shuttle
Cinescopophilia: Blackmagic Design $345 HyperDeck Shuttle 10 bit SDI or HDMI Portable Recorder

Atomos Ninja & Samurai
If you want a screen with that, the Atomos Ninja & Samurai offer more features for a little more money. DSLR News Shooter has a report from the NAB floor show. Works with SSD or HDD.
There's an interesting discussion of problems dealing with 24p footage from the Panasonic GH2, and recommendation of a case or cover when using in wet weather.
DSLR News Shooter: NAB 2011 – Jeremy Young of Atomos shows us the Ninja and Samurai Prores recorders
B & H: ATOMOS Ninja Video Hard Disk Recorder [$995]

  • Sony PMW-F3 decked out. The AbelCine booth featured a decked-out PMW-F3. Andy Shipsides explains. They had the new - unreleased - S-Log firmware from Sony on the camera too: NAB ’11: Sony F3 Solutions

  • Technicolor & Canon: This isn't a camera, but it's camera specific; Canon and Technicolor announced a joint venture of a "Cinestyle" picture profile for Canon cameras. Dan Chung interviews Joshua Pines of Technicolor. He says it will be free! DSLRNewsShooter: NAB 2011 – Technicolor demonstrate the Cinestyle picture style for canon dslr video

  • Small Profile, Big Results? The Advantages and Challenges of DSLR Cinematography: NABShowDaily reports on a panel at NAB moderated by American Cinematographer Associate Editor Jon Witmer, with cinematographers Russell Carpenter, ASC (“Titanic”), Svetlana Svetko (“Inside Job”) and John Guleserian (“Like Crazy”): DSLR: The State of the Art

  • JVC 4K: "Over the next few months, JVC is going to invite innovative cinematographers and other production professionals to help us develop 4K cameras, 3D cameras, and other products that deliver outstanding images and improved workflows at an affordable price point": Broadcasting&Cable: NAB: JVC Previews 4K Technology

  • Ikegami large-sensor ENG camera: Ikegami shows a prototype Micro 4/3rds large sensor ENG style camera. DSLRNewsShooter: NAB 2011 – Ikegami shows off the HDS-F90 large sensor 4/3rds sensor eng camera


Show Floor Thoughts

  • Zacuto pimps original content. If you read the report of Planet5D's webchat with Steve Weiss from Zacuto, you will have seen his promotion of online content. So it's not a surprise to see Zacuto's original content page: Zacuto Original Programming
    (See also: NotesOnVideo: Steve Weiss - Zacuto | Webchat recap)

  • Mocha is a planar tracker that works with Final Cut Pro, After Effects and others. In this podcast NAB Show Buzz talks to Ross Shain, Chief Marketing Officer of Imagineer: Ross Shain, Imagineer

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