Thursday, April 14, 2011

QuickLinks NAB

It's the last day of NAB, and there's lots of things that I've been meaning to list, so here we go with a catch-up edition of QuickLinks:


Other Cameras
  • Sony NEX-FS100: Interview with Den Lennie (I think they have the spelling of his last name wrong) talking about the design of the NEX-FS100 and the operation of the camera: FreshDVNAB11 FS100 with Den Lenny

  • Sony PMW-TD300 shoulder-mount 3D camcorder. A picture from the show floor of the camera under glass - [it was under glass; it wasn't operational? Then it might be further away from release than we thought...] TwitpicSony Professional

  • Sony F65: an audio interview with Richard Louis, Sony Product Specialist about their new 4K camera: Nab Show Buzz: RICHARD LOUIS, SONY

  • High Resolution Camera News: Interested in high-res video cameras? The 4K Hub might be worth following:


  • Avid $995 Crossgrade for Final Cut Pro Users: Are you a Final Cut Pro user that wasn't convinced by the SuperMeet demo? Then you can cross-grade to Avid for just $995: Avid: Got Final Cut? Get Media Composer for Just $995

  • Avid information: The NAB Show Buzz podcast talks to Vincent Maza, Worldwide Marketing Manager for Avid about Avid’s NAB 2011 announcements, including a new technology preview for 3D editing: VINCENT MAZA, AVID

  • Bruce Johnson suggests that software developers abandon the "Pro" label.
    Though he gets the history wrong; Apple didn't hire Randy Ubillos to create Final Cut as a competitor to Premiere. Macromedia hired Randy to make a video editor, then decided they couldn't release it and looked for a buyer. It's widely reported that Apple bought Final Cut (called KeyGrip) after no-one else came forward.
    ProVideoCoalition: A Modest Proposal Regarding Editing Software

From The Show Floor

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