Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Final Cut Pro 10 - Sneak Peak Wrap Up ..Part II

Filmmaker Magazine has the audio of an interview with David Leitner, who was at last nights SuperMeet, conducted right after the event:
Much of the functionality now in Motion and in SoundTrack Pro and some of these other Final Cut Pro Suite programs is being folded into Final Cut itself. I asked Schiller about that, and he essentially said that this one program is going to contain much if not most of what is in those other programs...

Nathan Bush at Through The Looking Glass offers his perspective on the announcement, and tries to interpret what Apple is up to:
While the fate of its other video offerings remains unclear, it could be that rather than a simple upgrade from Final Cut Express or downgrade from Final Cut Studio, Apple has recognized another market segment altogether, one that has exploded with the DSLR revolution: the independent professional filmmaker. These are the filmmakers and videographers who don’t require the same sophistication of movies budgeted in the millions, but still need advanced color grading and audio editing tools.
ThroughTheLookingGlass: Upgrade, Downgrade, or Something New? Apple Introduces Final Cut Pro X for $299

Ned Soltz at Digital walks through the features, but ends with some questions:
What will become of third-party plug-ins which have so enhanced the FCP experience? Two developers with whom I spoke wondered: “We don’t know if we will work in this. Certainly Apple did not share with us.”

Yet another concern comes from those who are accustomed to sending their audio out for sweetening and mixing. With these new timelines, is there going to be OMF support for ProTools export? And, in fact, will there even be a Soundtrack Pro or will all or a subset of STP features be bundled into FCP X? Supermeet 2011: An Open Mind After Apple's Big Reveal

Chris Foresman at ars technica notes a bit of history, and how long it's taken Apple to get their pro apps over to Cocoa APIs (and support for 64-bit):
That left Final Cut Pro, and the rest of Final Cut Studio, languishing in 32-bit land, unable to take advantage of performance improvements of OpenCL, GCD, or even architectural improvements in Intel's latest 64-bit processors. With the rewrite of Final Cut Pro X, Apple is close to vanquishing the last vestiges of Carbon from its software.
arstechnica: Infinite Loop: Apple outs 64-bit Final Cut Pro X, more pro video updates to come

Emmanuel Pampuri has posted the second part of his video of the SuperMeet. This part covers the actual demo.

Final Cut Studio X présentation 2eme partie from Emmanuel Pampuri on Vimeo.

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