Saturday, March 27, 2010

Visual Effects for "A Shine of Rainbows"

Dermot Shane of Sepia Films was VFX Supervisor on a small film “A Shine of Rainbows,” that has already won a few awards in the festival circuit, and is being released in Canada on April 9th, and the USA on April 21.

He put together a shot list based on the trailer that shows just some of the effects work done on “small” movies these days. In total there were 150+ VFX shots that were all completed within ten days of picture lock.

We started pre-viz in Avid DS Nitris, cut in Avid Media Composer, and ran VFX concurrent with editorial, using a DS Nitris as the main hub between vfx and editorial. All of the final comps were done in DS Nitris, with some from elements prepared in Nuke, and Maya, but over half of the VFX shots were completely done in DS Nitris.

We had three DS's working on VFX near the end of the show, and moving seamlessly between DS and editorial's Avid's. The assembly, DI and full color grade was done completely in DS with the advantage of being able to open up the comps to grade elements in context
Watch the trailer, and then watch it again while going through the shot list (below.)

iTunes Trailer: A Shine of Rainbows

00:14 Bus drives - this is a matte painting, with in camera elements of water and bus added
00:19 Cloudy sky & islands are added to shot
00:24 Robot seal's control rig removal, digital sand added to cover
00:25 Digital matte painting of the castle elements were done in Photoshop, seperate sky, water & clouds added then the camera move added
00:32 Camera was running off speed so there was a ton of flicker removed
00:37 Grey stormy water was replaced with sunny blue water
00:39 Rainbow, reflection, displacement, particles, all created and completed entirely in my computer
00:40 Rainbow, sparkles, light beams all done in the computer (DS & Nuke) as well
00:56 Series of CU's of Thomas, and a light was off speed so there was alot of flicker, that was removed.
01:05 A seal in a stormy ocean was added to a sunny blue ocean
01:10 The stones we built are enlarged by 200% and then fog added. The elements were shot in a 1/4 scale version of the set made entirely in black. Fog elements tracked in Boujou, ran through Maya, stones enlarged in Nuke, final comp in DS
01:12 The bird was shot diving for chinese food on the pier at Granville Island (where I work), and added to the scene shot in Ireland
01:13 Simple backround clean up, removed a modern house on the hill behind the actors
01:14 Boy falls, shot in daylight, dark sky and camera shake added
01:15 When stone comes to life, it's the director's face added to the stone texture, all done in computer
02:00 Sparkles are added to the cake, this is the only CGI element in the entire film, everything else was shot in camera, or 2D effects in the computer
02:09 Again elements (the falling sparkles is baby powder shot against a black screen, rather than use CGI for example) added to the scene
02:25 The sky has been replaced, and the sun added

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