Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Blogging City Island, part V (or six...)

Seems I might have missed an episode of the Blogging City Island series at as they say they are at part 6, and I thought that we were at five! But no matter. Whether it's part V or VI, these have definitely been worth reading. Director Raymond De Felitta's series covers the adventures of making the movie "City Island," which went into limited release last week.

In the latest episode he talks about what happened after the movie wrapped; the process of trying to find a distributor and getting "buzz." This part was written just before the movie was released, so the author doesn't know how it was received, though he remains optimistic no matter what:
A long journey -- and as I write this (on Thursday before we open), I don't know its outcome. But you do. And whatever it may be, I hope you feel like giving the movie 90 minutes of your life. I truly believe you won't wish for your time or money back. And I truly don't wish for the decade of my life that the movie took to get made to be given back to me -- it's all been worth it. Blogging "City Island": After Sundance said no

Note that there's also a review of the movie at "City Island": Family secrets, boiled and steamed

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