Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More on Canon DSLR aliasing

Alister Chapman has updated his post about problems with aliasing with Canon's DSLRs, noting that he's seeing aliasing in shots made by Philip Bloom:
I’ve been shot down in flames on other forums for saying that this is a problem, but if even the experts can’t deal with it then what hope does everyone else have? I would love to have the option of shooting with the shallow DoF that the Canon’s offer, but not at the expense of having to avoid any kind of texture.
And Philip Johnston joins in, though he notes that most people watching video on the web aren't going to see most of the issues, though he doesn't think that's good enough reason to overlook the problems:
Can I suggest the watching punter would not be aware of such issues but then do we need to see a further drop in standards as television today in the UK is swamped with poorly produced DV footage.

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