Thursday, March 25, 2010

Price Hikes

This Friday ticket prices for 3D movies are going up an average of 8.3%, IMAX tickets up 10% and regular movies up 4%.
At one AMC theater in New York, the price for a family of four to see a 3-D screening of Dreamworks Animation's "How to Train your Dragon" this Friday will be $63 before popcorn, soda or candy.
I told you I am a 3D skeptic, didn't I? Closer to home:
Adult ticket prices for 3-D movies will jump to $15.50 from $13.50 at one theater operated by AMC near Boston.
[...]the price hikes reflect a growing belief among theater owners that consumers are "hungry" for 3-D content and are willing to pay more for an enhanced movie-going experience.

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