Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Canon's next Pro Camcorder

Chris Hurd at has written another article about the prototype camcorder that Canon showed back in January. He's also added more photographs.

This promises to be an exciting camera with it's 4:2:2 MPEG2 compression. With this quality compression, could it rival Sony's EX-1 cameras, or will it compete with the NX5U class? There are reports it will have 1/3" chips, rather than the 1/2" in the EX1, so it's hard to know. Will it be priced like the EX1 or the NX5U? There's also a question whether it will be CMOS or CCD (Canon's current professional camcorders are CCD based.)

The prototype in the pictures is a wooden prototype, which suggests the camera may be more than a month or two away. Everyone's expecting more details at NAB, though it might not be available then. Canon’s Next Cam — Photos from SFO SuperMeet, Pt. 1

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