Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Great Camera Shootout 2010

Zacuto, makers of various DSLR accessories, got together an impressive bunch of people to conduct a DSLR vs film shoot-off. The participants included: Jens Bogehegn (Executive Producer), Robert Primes ASC (Director or Photography), Philip Bloom (DP), Ryan Emerson (Colorist), Steve Weiss (Web Series Director).

The first part of the series was supposed to by up at 2PM (CST), but they are running a bit late....seems they under-estimated their render time!!! And it looks like there's a lot of interest; their server seems to be a bit intermittent at the moment. Probably all those DSLR video fans hitting reload, reload, reload.

In the mean time, the Trailer is pretty cool:

UPDATE: clearly they had some problems and their server seemed to be down most of the evening, but the first part is up now here : Shootout

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