Friday, March 26, 2010

Headphones for my iPhone

It's Friday!! So here's something fun!

I'm not a huge fan of those in-ear headphones for the iPhone - though I use them now and again - so most of the time I'm using "regular" headphones, which makes it interesting when I'm talking to someone on the phone. You hold the phone up like it's a weird shaped microphone; it's just not cool.

Now Sony has announced some inexpensive ($40) headphones that have a built in mic and inline control too. Cool!
Tailor-made for DJs, the dual-purpose DR-V150ipP delivers crisp, commanding sound when you’re mixing pumping club beats. Away from dance floor, it delivers equally commanding sonic performance with your iPod or iPhone. Deep bass and generous power handling are assured by the 30mm ferrite driver. There’s a large adjustable headband for fatigue-free wear during the longest DJ set, while reversible earcups allow convenient ‘single-sided’ monitoring when you’re behind the decks.

An in-line remote control puts commonly-used iPod/iPhone functions within fingertip reach. The small, discreet remote makes it easy to adjust volume, play/pause, skip tracks and control iPod Shuffle’s unique VoiceOver function. As an extra bonus, there’s an integrated microphone that lets iPhone users chat hands-free.

Amazon: Sony DRV150iP Headphones $39.99

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