Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Great Camera Shootout 2010 - Part 1

The first part of the three-part "Great Camera Shootout 2010" is up at Zacuto's website, and it's well worth watching (and over 30 minutes long!).

All of the shots were taken with Kodak 5217 and Fuji 8553 film, Canon's 5D, 7D and 1D mk4, Nikon's D3s and Panasonic's GH1.

In the first episode they ran three tests of dynamic range and latitude. For those that want to get straight into it, jump to about 8:00 where they show the first test: a High Key scene. The second test is a Low Key scene, and lastly they shot a 13-stop latitude chart. The film showed all the steps, while the 5D managed 10.5 steps, 7D ~11, 1D 11, D3s 11, and the GH1 has 9. The chart test result is interesting because with the actual shots there seemed to be a general like for the 5D over the 7D, which just goes to show that charts don't always equate to real world results.

So as expected, the digital cameras don't have the latitude of film, but it's closer than most people thought it would be (including me!)

Definitely worth watching! The Great Camera Shootout 2010

In the second part they promise a color test, a green screen test, and a resolution test, and they also do some shots with the Canon T2i (which arrived late so they only were able to use it for some things.)

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