Sunday, January 03, 2010

Samsung NX10 preview at dpreview

It's the week of CES, and the new toys are starting to dribble out: has a preview of a Micro Four Thirds competitor, the Samsung NX10. It has a larger APS-C sized imager than Four Thirds cameras, promising better high-ISO performance, at the expense of requiring slightly larger lenses (and do we really need another lens mount?)

Unfortunately, for video it's limited to 720p, using the H.264 codec:

Movie Mode

Gives you access to the movie recording function. Within movie mode you can choose between Program and Aperture-Priority mode. You can also control the following parameters:

Resolution (1280x720, 640x480, 320x240
Quality (Normal, HQ)
Fader (Off, In, Out, Both)
Sound (Off, On)
Optical Image Stabilization (Mode 1, Mode 2)
The 'fader' option performs a quick fade from or to black at the beginning or end of your clip (or both).

[UPDATE: Dpreview correctly points on that the NX10 isn't a DSLR, as it lacks the mirror box of the SLR. That means that the viewfinder isn't optical; it's electronic.]

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