Friday, January 08, 2010

HXR-NX5U does 4:2:2 on HDMI

Sony definitely says that the NX5U outputs 4:2:2 out both the HD-SDI port and the HDMI port; it's mentioned in a video with Juan Martinez, Senior Product, that they produced when it was announced.

Which raises the question; what are they sending out the HDR-AX2000's HDMI port?

Interestingly, I thought that when I saw this back in November, he specifically said something about the NXCAM being one of the few cameras (in this class) that outputs 4:2:2; but that doesn't seem to be in there now, so I might have just imagined it.

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J. Aaron Holmes said...

All the surprise about HDMI and 4:2:2 is pretty... well... surprising! The HVR-Z5U, the NX5's tape based predecessor had it (, as did its consumer version, the FX1000 (according to web board posts, anyway). Truly, I don't know of an in-production pro or even semi-pro camcorder with HDMI that *doesn't* output a 4:2:2 signal. So 4:2:2 on HDMI gets a yawn. What's cool about the NX5 is HD-SDI. Unlike HDMI, HD-SDI carries timecode also, which can be used to command external recorders like NanoFlash. Using external recorders with HDMI is a lot more painful, as the recorders must be manually started/stopped, and the non-locking HDMI cables are more prone to disconnecting themselves.