Friday, May 27, 2011

Today's Sony NEX-FS100 Post

(only because I'm feeling a bit excessive...)
  • Shipping/Not Shipping?
    The reports that the NEX-FS100 was shipping seem to have been a bit premature. Paul Antico thought he was going to get his either today or Monday, but now he's been told it will be another week.
  • The NEX-FS100 vs. the Canon 5D Mark II
    Paul has also written up a pros and cons of the NEX-FS100 vs the Canon 5D Mark II. If you have a DSLR and are thinking of the NEX-FS100, give it a read. NeedCreative: Good-bye HDSLR for me! Sort of. A look at the Sony NEX-FS100.
  • Low light performance
    Andy Shipsides at AbelCine did an ISO test for the PMW-F3, and now he's repeated it for the FS100, finding even more amazing results. The F3 he rated as 6400 ISO at +18 db, while the FS100 rates "only" 4000 ISO at +18db. BUT it can go to +30db (16000 ISO) while +21 db = 6400 ISO. "The low light capabilities of the camera are amazing."
    Dynamic range: 10 steps
  • Low Light tests
    Mark Forman has posted a video on Vimeo showing the +12db and +18db performance: Vimeo: Sony NEX FS100U Prototype +12db and +18db test Forman Leitner

B & H: NEX-FS100U Camcroder only $4,999
B & H: NEX-FS100U (with 18-200mm lens) $5,599
B & H: Panasonic AG-AF100 Professional Memory Card Camcorder $4,795

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