Thursday, May 26, 2011

The luckiest man in the world

There's nearly always a raffle at the BOSFCPUG meetings, and last night there were two; the usual raffle of interesting things - software and books - and then a second raffle for a copy of Adobe CS5.5 Production Premium (aren't you sorry you weren't there?)

For the first raffle, everyone got a numbered ticket, but for the big prize, you had to fill out a card from Adobe, and the winner was to be drawn from that stack of cards.

So the first raffle proceeded through the prizes, with Loren Miller pulling tickets from a bag, and Dan Bérubé announcing and giving out the prizes. When they got to the big prize Dan announced they were drawing for it, and Loren immediately pulled out another number and called out "167!"

"No! no!" said Dan. "We're picking the winner from the filled out cards!"

Oops! No prize for 167.

But then they pull the card and read out the name, and SURPRISE! it's the same guy that had the ticket numbered 167! Talk about the luckiest man alive, what are the chances of that??!!

I wonder if he bought any lottery tickets afterwards. I would have.
[With 100 people present there was a 1/100 chance he'd get picked the first time, and 1/100 the second time. So it was a 1/10,000 chance - Ed]

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