Sunday, May 22, 2011

Steadicam Smoothee Review

I've had the Steadicam Smoothee for a while now, and while I'd already posted some initially impressions, I've been meaning to finish up a more complete review. I guess I had problems deciding what to say about it; it does what it's supposed to do - it smooths out the video - but I have reservations because; it's large and attracts attention, the iPhone still has other limitations as a camera, and while it improves the iPhone performance quite a bit, it's not as good as a real Steadicam on a vest and arm [but then, did you expect it to be - Ed?!]

At $180, and the fact that it only works with the iPhone also factors into it. I think the problem is that it's not good enough for most pros, but it's probably too expensive for the casual user.

NotesOnVideo: Shooting with the iPhone 4
NotesOnVideo: Steadicam Smoothee Unboxing & Initial Impressions

B & HSteadicam Smoothee for iPhone 4 [$179.95]
Amazon: Steadicam Smoothee for iPhone 3GS [$179.95]
B & HSteadicam Flip Ultra Smoothee Mount  [$24.95] - not yet shipping

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