Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sony NEX-FS100, flavor of the month?

The NEX-FS100 is supposed to be shipping now - or early next week - and it certainly seems to be generating renewed interest and excitement.

Philip Johnston at HD Warrior, who has been a fan of the Panasonic AG-AF100, is getting an FS100, and may even sell his AF100. He's also just sold his Canon 5D Mark II. HDWarrior: Now filming 1080 50p as from June 2011 

Omar Sattaur took a look at both the FS100 and the AF100, and he's not too sure which is better; the lack of built-in ND filter, and a single memory card he thinks are the FS100's two biggest problems: Sony FS100 VS Panasonic AF101

Steve Landon-Smyth while acknowledging that the FS100 is not good for ENG work, thinks it is a good choice for those that can't afford the PMW-F3 or a RED. He tweeted:
Unlike HDSLR the FS100 outputs full res image out HDMI. Up 2 RGB 444 8bit. Still not HD-SDI 10bit but much less $$$
FS100 will output SMPTE timecode out HDMI. Aja is working on reading that data in order to convert frame rate 2 what was shot

Last night while speaking 2 the biggest 5DmkII fan and supporter about HDSLR accessories, his comment 2 me "buy the FS100".

I've seen screen grab analysis between FS100, 4/3 sensor, and full frame sensor (HDSLR). FS100 wins. No contest.

Paul Antico at NeedCreative has an FS100 on order, and compares it to the AF100:
AF100 can look good in certain situations (see #TheVisualmakers hotel footy) but FS100, F3 beat it overall

UPDATE 5/27 -
Paul Antico has now written a long post about the FS100, listing the pros and cons compared to the Canon 5D Mark II.
NeedCreative: Good-bye HDSLR for me! Sort of. A look at the Sony NEX-FS100

B & H: NEX-FS100U Camcroder only $4,999
B & H: NEX-FS100U (with 18-200mm lens) $5,599
B & H: Panasonic AG-AF100 Professional Memory Card Camcorder $4,795

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