Tuesday, January 25, 2011

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Canon 5D Mark II Replacement
I always love a good rumor, and there's been surprisingly few about the Canon 5D Mk II replacement, but now comes word form that - maybe - the 5D replacement will be called the 6D, have a 24 MP sensor, and appear in the first half of 2011...

The only problem is that Canon's naming scheme seems to suggest to me that the better (more expensive) cameras have the lower number i.e. the 1D>5D>7D>60D. At least, that's my understanding of how the naming scheme works.

There's no way a full-frame sensor camera with the same build quality as the 5D/7D could cost less than the 7D. So if there is a 6D with a full frame sensor, it would seemingly have to have lower build quality (and cost) than the 7D. If it was going to be a 5D replacement (with similar build quality), and they didn't want to call it the 5D Mk III, surely they'd call it the 4D?

But even the idea of renaming it doesn't make sense; unless they are completely rebranding/reshaping the camera. I'd be surprised if they abandoned the 5D label for the next rev. It's a well known name at the moment; it's almost synonymous with HDSLR video camera. Canon would be mad to abandon it.

If there is a 6D coming, I doubt it will be a replacement for the 5D. 5D Mark III / 6D from India

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Unknown said...

May be the 6D is to the 5D what the 60D was for the 7D. A camera more video friendly with flipping LCD. full frame improved in the moire issue. And digital viewfinder.