Friday, January 28, 2011

Lightworks 10.0.3 Beta

Development of Lightworks, the - now - open source video editor continues apace. They have just released version 10.0.3 which has over 150 changes.

The focus for this release has been on stability and reliability, but they have also attempted to address codec support issues:
The other major issue was codec support… what works and what doesn’t. We realize that this is an important area for everyone and we are working hard to address it. As we said in our previous announcement, some things are just not straight forward due to legalities. In this version, we are much more explicit about what is and isn’t supported. We have made a major change that allows Quicktime files to be imported via ‘Create Link’. These changes also extend support for import formats to AVCHD (wrapped as .mov). The important point here, though, is that codec support is a major part of the work we are now focusing on and over the coming weeks and months you will see more support being made available. Please bear with us while we implement these changes.
Lightworks Forum: New Lightworks 10.0.3 Beta download available

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