Wednesday, January 26, 2011

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Zacuto EVF - battery info
Zacuto has issued another video in their series on the upcoming Zacuto EVF. This one's on batteries; they said they were looking for a battery that performed as close as possible to the Canon LP-E6 battery. They also revealed that they have removed the 12 volt input they had originally planned to include, and decided to use a dummy battery as a plug-in or external battery option.

The Zacuto EVF is supposed to be released in March with a price of around $775.
Zacuto: Z-Finder EVF - Part 5 'It's All About Power"

More on post on "the final word on 3D"
One more follow on from Roger Ebert's recent column, Daniel Engber at Slate has jumped in to defend 3D. The first part of the article doesn't really bring any new facts to the discussion (arguing that we didn't evolve to watch 24 frames per second either, seems a little beside the point.) And, frankly, I don't care whether people like or don't like watching 3D - for whatever reason.

I'm much more interested in the health effects argument, and I'm not sure Engber really addresses it, even though he does establish his bona fides by pointing out he raised the issue of visual discomfort two years earlier. But immediately after that, Engber writes:
After watching 10 or 20 of these films since then, I've grown accustomed to the ocular aerobics, and the same format that gave me splitting headaches back in 2009 hardly bothers me now.
I'm not sure if that gives me great comfort.
Slate: Two Thumbs, Two Dimensions

Glidetrack review
Looking for a "reasonably" priced slider? Daniel Freytag reviewed the Glidetrack slider, and likes it for the price:
Of course there are some more companies, which offer sliders in their product range. Because I only worked with the Glidetrack yet I can’t tell you the difference, but in my opinion the Glidetrack is a solid and very mobile slider for the beginning.
freytag-film: Glidetrack
B & H: Glidetrack HD - 30" (0.75m) [$349.95]

Jag35 Competition
Jag35, makers and sellers of low-cost camera rigs and gear, is offering a prize of a $500 and $100 gift certificate to their online store. You have to Tweet twice by Jan 31st to be entered
Jag35: Tweet to Win

Tangent Wave and Euphonix MC Color lack Application Parity
If you're doing color correcting work day-in and day-out you probably want to buy a control surface, and there are two such surfaces that sell for less than $2,000. Only problem, not all color applications support both surfaces. Only Apple Color and RedCine support both.
The EditBlog on PVC has the details.
TheEditblog: How about application parity between the Tangent Wave and Euphonix MC Color
B & HEuphonix MC Color - Color Grading Control Surface [$1,699.95]
B & HTangent Devices Wave Panel [$1,494.95]

Color Correcting; Before and After
Mick Jones used Magic Bullet Colorista II to color correct a project for Wrangler, and he talked to Red Giant about how and why he uses it, and shows some before and after images.
RedGiantSoftware: Mick Jones Brings Color to Wrangler’s “Road Trip” with Magic Bullet Colorista II

Panasonic AG-AF100
Philip Bloom has posted an article on lenses for the Panasonic AG-AF100 (and GH1, GH2 etc.), while Philip Johnston talks about the Nokton by Voigtlander f0.95 (and notes that f2.8 does not give you shallow enough depth of focus in a small room.)
PhilipBloomWhich lenses for your GH1/ GH2/ AF100/ AF101 etc…?
HDWarrior: Lens update for the AF101

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