Monday, January 24, 2011

Panasonic AG-AF100

Panasonic releases firmware update
Panasonic released the first firmware update for the AG-AF100. It fixes the following problem with SD cards:
Software update for improvement of the SYSTEM ERROR
The system error occasionally occurred on the camera side (AG-AF100 series) when SD Card File Recovery Software on the computer which is connected to the camera by USB cable was executed with SDXC card inserted in the camera.

The SD Card File Recovery Software has been updated so that it can operate normally with the SDXC card.

This system error will not damage the SDXC card.
Panasonic: Software(Firmware) Update Data
Panasonic: Firmware updates for AG-AF100 series and Option Lenses

Firmware makes AF100 hack possible?
Vitaliy Kiselev has taken a look at the firmware release and says it shares much in common with the GH platform, making it possible he could hack the firmware to increase the recording bitrate as he did for the GH1.
EOSHD: Vitaliy Kiselev begins work on Panasonic AF100 hack

Shoulder Mounts
Peter Lundström at the editman blog shows a simple rig he adapted from a shoulder gunstyle rig for the AF100 after having trouble using it handheld.
Andy Shipsides at CineTechnica has a video showing a rig they put together for the AF100 from a variety of different sources
Finally, Hot Rod Camera's shows a simple rig they have put together, that they are using along with the Cineroid EVF
the editman: Simple shoulder mount for the AF100/101
CineTechnica: AF100 Rigging: PL Mount Configuration
HotRodCameras: AF100 and the Hot Rod Tuner Kit w/Cineroid EVF - Photos

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