Thursday, January 27, 2011

News From Here & There

Passive 3D TV Review
Vizio's 65-inch XVT3D650SV ($3,700), the first mainstream TV equipped with so-called "passive" 3D technology gets reviewed at Crave, and while the glasses are lighter and the screen slightly brighter, resolution is severely impacted:
We expected this difference because, as Vizio, LG, and other purveyors of 2011 passive 3D TVs admit, the system they use halves the effective 1080p resolution, delivering only 540 lines to each eye. We just didn't expect it to be so obvious. As Matt said, it makes you appreciate how good "1080p to each eye" looks
CNET Crave: Passive 3D vs. active 3D: Hands-on TV comparison Read more:

Meanwhile, Bud Light makes their own fun of 3D "safety": YouTube: Bud Light 3D Test Commercial HD

Sundance and Kickstarter
Sundance Institute announced a new program to connect its artists with audiences by offering access to creative funding and marketing backed by the Institute’s promotional support. These services will act as building blocks for future program components which aim to provide filmmakers access to a broad and open array of third-party digital distribution platforms. The creative funding component was announced with Kickstarter, the crowd-sourcing site for creative projects.
TurlyFreeFilmSundance Teams With KickStarter & Facebook For New Initiative To Connect Artists With Audiences

Switronix Team with Redrock Micro to Deliver Advanced HDSLR Rigs
Switronix, maker of camera battery systems, are working with Redrock Micro to offer camera rigs with longer-lasting power (up to 6x the runtime of OEM batteries) that can also extend power to additional on-board monitors and accessories. Both Switronix battery systems (PRO-X and Powerbase70) integrate with Redrock Micro’s shouldermount and handheld HDSLR rigs making for an ergonomic system designed for comfort and efficiency.
Switronix: Redrock Micro and Switronix Team to Deliver Advanced HDSLR Rigs

Movie Title Design
Kyle Cooper is a title sequences and credits designer, his credits include: Se7en, the Spider-Man series, Ironman and Ironman 2, Superman Returns, The Incredible Hulk, and Dawn of the Dead.

A native of Salem, Mass., Cooper spoke as part of the College of Fine Arts Contemporary Perspectives Lecture Series at Boston University.
BU: Contemporary Perspectives Lecture Series: Kyle Cooper

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