Saturday, January 29, 2011

DigitalRevTV Compares Panasonic GH2 to Canon D60

Kai W at DigitalRevTV compares the video performance of the Panasonic GH2 to the Canon D60 and finds what several other people have already noted on the forums: the GH2 does a better job in several areas:
  • In 24fps, the GH2 image is sharper with more detail
  • GH2 doesn't suffer from moire nearly as much as the 60D
  • Rolling Shutter problem is slightly improved
  • 60D white balance is better
  • ISO 3200, noise is lower on the GH2, BUT 60D goes to 6400
  • Both shoot at 24p,25p and 30p, but the GH2 also shoots in 1080i at 50 and 60fps
  • 60D's Screen is much better
  • Stereo mic input on GH2 is not standard; requires an adapter
In the video Kai notes that the GH2 is more expensive, but here in the US the Canon 60D - body only - is only $30 cheaper than the GH2 with a kit lens: Canon 60D $969 @ Amazon, body only, Panasonic GH2 $999.95 @ Amazon with 14-42mm lens

Which to buy? If you're just starting out - and don't already have a collection of lenses - or if you can afford to buy the latest and greatest, then the slightly improved detail, and the reduced moire are two very compelling reasons for getting the GH2.

I already own a 7D (which suffers from the same moire and rolling shutter issues as the 60D) and unfortunately, I can't justify switching platforms at this point. Also, while the GH2 does a better job than the Canon's, that doesn't mean the Canon's are suddenly unusable. Still, if I was looking to buy a new camera right now, I'd be giving the GH2 a long hard look (provided you can find one in stock; the GH2 is currently hard to get, so it might be a month or two before you can lay your hands on one!)

This video review has prompted a bit of response on Twitter:
In many ways GH2 is a better video cam. Canon DSLR more filmic though.
I'm going to keep testing the GH2, but I don't think it beats the 5DmkII image unless it's a moire situation.

Canons have better colour. GH2 is better in every single other way.
The image is a little bit too cold and green from the GH2 sensor. Canon more life like and cinematic
I wish the 5D would resolve the amount of detail the GH2 does, and with proper live view, HDMI

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