Friday, April 16, 2010

Zeiss Leightweight Zoom

If those Zeiss Compact Lenses are a bit outside your price range, then perhaps the Zeiss Lightweight Zoom LWZ.2 might be an option? Focal range is 15.5 - 45mm, with aperture T2.6-T22. It will be available in PL, EF and F mounts, though note that it will fit APS-C sizes sensors, but not full-frame sensors.

Compared to the Compact Primes, you're gaining a zoom range, but losing the full-frame compatability, so Canon 5D owners need not apply. I'm guessing the net effect will be a price about the same as the Compact Primes ($4,000) and maybe higher. Still, it should be a very nice lens for the DSLR film maker.

No word on availability or price...

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