Saturday, April 17, 2010

Creative COW CS5 Videos

Richard Harrington has posted some videos at Creative COW on various features in the new Adobe Creative Suite 5. They are short overviews (less than five minutes long) that feature really clear video/screen captures and are a good quick introduction.

I've listed the After Effects ones below, though he's also done a couple of Photoshop ones:

  • After Effects CS5: Black & White Adjustment (adjustment layer for creating black & white effects/adjustments)
  • After Effects CS5: Color Finesse (color adjusting and grading plug-in for After Effects that does some of the things found in Apple Color)
  • After Effects CS5: Working with 64-Bit (shows how you can assign and manage RAM within the suite when running in 64-bit, and even assign multi-processor cores to specific applications.)
  • After Effects CS5: Rotobrush

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