Monday, April 12, 2010

Steadicam Tango & Zephyr

Steadicam (owned by Tiffen) has announced two new products; the Zephyr is a stabilization rig which holds cameras up to 30lbs, but it's the Tango arm that's more interesting/unusual.

The Tango adds a floor to ceiling boom to a stabilized arm/vest for use with miniature HD cameras. A mobile jib, in other words.

I’m sure it will be close to around $10,000 (with the vest/arm) when price is announced, but this is pretty cool/amazing; they only say that price and availability will be announced later this year.

TANGO features:
  • Nine-foot continuous elevation and traverse with back-pan and back-tilt
  • 360˚ pan, ±90˚ tilt available throughout boom range
  • Optimum pan/tilt inertia at all times
  • Camera fits into small openings with full angular control
  • 6 lb. camera payload @ 3:1 extension equals 29 lb. total
  • Rapid conversion from “Tango” mode to conventional Steadicam
  • Stable – when walking, running, climbing stairs
  • Silent – no servo motor noise
  • Fast – ultra-rapid traverse, elevation, pan/tilt

Steadicam Tango

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